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The Balla(r)ds of Europe
An interesting, if sadly unambitious, entry about American vs European SF (distinctions, etc). It should be noted that German SF does not speak for the whole of European SF. The truth is: nobody really does - nobody has the full picture... (there might be the odd fellow that speaks all the languages and has read most of the books but, as Fermi once asked, where is s/he?)

Coming back to that article, and since that blogger is Canadian, I wondered briefly if Canadian SF was included in his unspoken definition of American SF. And if it was, whether that also included French Canadian SF. And if not, why.

A thought that has just occurred to me it that the SF experience in Canada - being a multi-language, multi-cultural country with a foot in America and another in the Commonwealth - is aptly suited to help us understand the distinctions (if there are any) between the different international approaches to our genre. Or at least, more suited than the European experience might be.

In fact, I'm not even sure whether we should shelve Canadian SF in the American or International SF sections. Or if we should split it between both.

Considering of course that there is such a creature as "international sf" - since its existence is yet to be fully proved, in my opinion. If we're not just trying to find misleading geographic patterns in what are really the usual differences one normally finds among any set of writers... 

What do you think?


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