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Brief comment on Portuguese SF
On the wake of a couple of posts on the subject of International Science Fiction (by International meaning non-US) over by the very informative blog SF Signal, Luis Rodrigues, of Fantastic Metropolis fame, has sent a brief but very enlightening comment (last item on the page) about the present status of the genre in Portugal. This, of course, will not sparkle your enthusiasm of what has been done in this country - nor will it steer you towards understanding whether there's such a thing as a Portuguese/Iberian SF - but it'll leave you informed, I hope.

For a full explanation of the Portuguese language status you should also read Jacques Bercia's report on Brazilian SF.

Gathering reports about what is happening in the genre all over the world is one of the few literary sports that the SF community likes to practice, but usually with little or no consequence. This time around I felt compelled to write down my feelings and opinions about the use and need of an International Science Fiction, and whether's we're not actually kindly fooling ourselves with such distinction, which I posted in my Portuguese blog. A couple of other Portuguese SF bloggers have followed me into the discussion, and I'll try to publish all of those here, in English, in the near future. You might be interested to join me.


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