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Of Eurocons and short stories and English...
This is the only (that I know of) full review of an anthology that should have received more attention (and also support in its making) that it did. The intention was good and the execution phenomenal, but as the editor points out not having had the support of English native professional translators or writers that would help streamline the final text did open the way for problems in the translation.

Anyway, Jonathan Cowie was kind enough to say the following of my collaboration:

Appendix to an Unknown Work by Luis Filipe Silva (Portugal). In the future fragmented records are discovered that suggests a past covert and coordinated attempt to takeover society might have taken place, but then again the 'records' could just be a fictional story? Actually I found this to be a very engaging tale once I had struggled through the translation.

Thanks for your comments and for not having given up :)

I went back to reading it and the translation is really below par - to be honest, the style in the original was purposefully dry and dense, that didn't help, I'm sure. I'll need to send it back to a proper English speaker and have a new go at it.

In a year that saw the edition of Jim Morrow's wonderful anthology, it was good to see that the Europeans can put together a similar project as well.
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I enjoyed that anthology.

So did I, in fact. I hope there'll be more like it. In fact, there should be a European webzine or community website that would help translate and publish stories in Englih, thus continuing the work that this antho started.


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